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OPEN Approach

The OpenRider approach is underpinned both by independent research and years of practice. Scientific research indicates that incorporating motorbike riding into daily life improves various cognitive functions (particularly in the prefrontal cortex) and has proven positive effects on mental and emotional health.

OpenRider (initiated by Morag Campbell) is a niche coaching programme that uses riding as a way to open up new perspectives, new possibilities, new adventures, new friendships, and a new sense of freedom and empowerment. Our programme encourages you to experience the integration of mind, body and emotion in a simple and enjoyable manner. The result is new skills and improved confidence, and the ability to apply your mind and body more effectively in both riding and every day life.

OpenRider has the support of a variety of bike brands. For anyone who is completely new to riding, we offer the opportunity to try different equipment, to discover what suits you best. Our courses are held at a safe training ground in the scenic surrounds of Private game farm in Cradle of HumanKind, outside of the normal hustle of city life.

We offer a variety of courses designed to support the growth and joy of our motorbiking community. This includes a women’s-only platform, and tailor-made courses if desired.


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OPEN Courses

  • Both one-to-one and group coaching options available
  • Located in safe, defined training grounds, surrounded by nature
  • Choice of small bikes and basic gear supplied
  • Courses are held midweek or at weekends, timing is flexible to suit clients
  • Energy nibbles, juice, water/coffee, and muffins are included, applicable to course duration/type

NOVICE (on road and off-road) – never ridden before // refresher course

Foundation (5 - 6 hours)* one-on-one / max 2 people per instructor
This course opens with a personal discussion regarding your fears, expectations, and goals. Initially on a bicycle, and then on a motorbike, we use specifically-designed skills challenges, physical exercises, breathing techniques and balance techniques to help you understand the inter-relationship between body / mind / emotions, and how this can be used when riding. You will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding motorbike riding, including gear functionality and bike mechanics. Body posture, safety techniques and basic riding skills are covered in a fun and safe environment. A concluding feedback discussion allows you to explore parallels between motorbiking and your own life. The closing session includes a certificate of completion.

FoundationPlus (4 - 5 hours)* one-on-one / max 4 people in group per instructor
At the outset, a personal discussion will focus on your feedback from course Zero. We then provide a recap of the skills already learned (integrating mind/body/emotions, moving through space, peripheral awareness) on a bicycle, moving quickly to the motorbike. A more focused session on slow speed skills follows, including warm ups; stopping/pulling off; weighting/steering the bike; circles and figure 8s, emergency stops, small inclines, and parallel logs. Some time riding on tar helps to build your confidence on a solid, even surface. If energy levels and time allows, additional small motorbikes will be available for riding comparison. A concluding discussion allows you to explore the parallels between what you have learned and your own life. The closing session includes a certificate of completion. (Must have attended Course Zero prior)

FoundationInSitu (2 hours) / max 4 people in group per instructor
Offering additional, supervised access to motorbike riding, this is an opportunity to practice your skills and explore the different bike options and gear available. Starting with a recap of the basics, you will experience the camaraderie of a cooperative team ride and the joy of exploring natural terrain using your new-found skills. (Must have attended Course Zero, and course Zero-Plus prior)

* The course responds to the participant’s concentration and energy levels; thus, course contents may vary.
* Bikes to be available TBC: currently Honda, but finalizing details with BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Triumph, Husqvarna.

IN-SITU, LEVEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 (off-road)

• OnePlus-InSitu: 2 Instructor facilitators / max 8 people - min 4 people
• TwoPlus-InSitu: 2 Instructor facilitators / max 8 people - min 4 people
• OpenRider in collaboration with others

For men and women with Level 1 and Level 2 experience /training respectively, these courses open with a set of exercises and a skills evaluation exercise, accompanied by personalized feedback to identify your own specific focus points. This personalized coaching opportunity to fast-track up-skilling and the application of your skills extends through an approximately 3-hour outride, which ends at a local restaurant (optional lunch at your own cost)

CUSTOMISED (off-road)

An individualised course that will respond to your special requirements, and assist maximise your learning, and application of skills.

Morag Campbell is an International Certified Off-Road BMW Instructor, and team member of 1st Ladies Team in the GS Trophy 2016.

OPEN Requirements

We ask that participants can ride a bicycle and maintain balance, and want to attend the course her/himself. For safety reasons, those who do not meet the balance requirement will be rescheduled pending sufficient practice.

No license/learner license required for novice courses, as courses take place on private property.

Participant to bring and wear their own riding gear (if they have), or wear jeans, supportive shoes, hat, and sunscreen.

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